12 interesting facts you probably didn’t know














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  2. Animales wrote:

    I liked hedgehogs!!! Very funny

  3. Good post. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

  4. todo wrote:

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  5. Diego wrote:

    I know a lot of people who would love being a female kangaroo

  6. Pedro Lever wrote:

    I don’t believe the one about the sonic boom.

  7. Russell wrote:

    An average of 26 people die in elevators each year in the U.S. That one about elevators is completely FALSE

    • Grif wrote:

      Dying in an elevator doesn’t necessarily imply free-falling. If I recall correctly, I read that a number of people dying in elevators was due to being caught in the door when it starts moving.

      • CH wrote:

        Look at the Markham Colliery disaster. An elevator carrying miners crashed into the bottom of the pit due to a brake rod failure killing 18 miners

  8. olivier levasseur= gol d. roger

  9. Sabdoor wrote:

    Ohk then let me defunk some of these facts. There are at least two records of people dying in elevator plunges – Both in the Empire State building. Secondly the whole ‘Bunny trance’ thing – complete bullshit. I’ve owned three rabbits and done that to all of the and scratched their tummies – they get up when they want to.

  10. DonJuan wrote:

    The term “hipster” actually originated from the NYC opium dens. People would lay down on their sides and smoke opium, giving some of the patrons bruised hips. Thus, the term “hipster”.

  11. bemoe wrote:

    I was in an elevator that free fell three stories and threw me against the back wall. My back is still messed up. I have a hard time believing that one.

    • mariahsdevil wrote:

      You didn’t die. They’re not saying an elevator never free fell (fell free?), just that it never killed someone doing it.

      • Fabian Godoy wrote:

        Nice page but I have to say the elevator fact is absolutely false. I happen to be an elevator specialist. Elevators kill 30 people a year worldwide (so its rare, but does happen). Just last year my company was hired to do the engineering investigation for a elevator that free fell and killed a 9 year old boy in Tennessee.

  12. Weez wrote:

    Olivier Levassuer = World’s first troll.

  13. beb wrote:

    Most of these facts are wrong.

  14. Trod wrote:

    The elevator free-fall stat is wrong. Google “killed by free falling elevators” and see.

  15. Name * wrote:

    Did you know that, that picture of the jet is not breaking the sound barrier? It is flying very fast (subsonic) thru dense humid air.

  16. =3 wrote:

    Hey how interesting I didn’t know the Messerschmitt Me 262 was flying around america during WW2 and instead of the people shitting themselves that there is a working plane of German design, enemies at the time, with wings that spouted screaming flaming death they instead stopped looked up and said, wow now that’s a “blow job” :3

  17. michael wrote:

    That’s interesting. How many vaginas does a male kangaroo have?

  18. Michael wrote:

    So they didn’t want to write that baby hedgehogs looks like scrotums, so they just said “this is what baby hedgehogs look like” and put a picture.

    Well played.

  19. Wordofchoice wrote:

    Ha and the hipsters of today thought they coined the term “first”.

  20. martyr wrote:

    TY Mike. I spoke w/out thinking. Sorry for being a schmuck…

  21. Shawn wrote:

    That was interesting to learn that the male bed bug stabs the female. It made me spit up my coffee.

  22. martyr wrote:

    but was still an interesting article

  23. Name * wrote:

    the sound barrier was not broken until the 50’s

  24. Beliz wrote:

    Didn’t know about Tommy and Buttercup! That’s crazy!