15 Fun Facts you probably didn’t know

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  1. KonRad wrote:

    The thing is, though, “iktsuarpok” is just a verb in Inuktitut that means “he goes outside repeatedly”. It’s not some big fancy word to express a feeling or idea that we don’t have in English, it means the exact same thing as the English sentence “He goes outside repeatedly.” because that’s just how Inuktitut works as a language.

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  3. That glass frog is awesome … it would be nice to see my organs as well :-) with an transparent belly :D

    P.S. : I pee like that too when riding my bike off-road

  4. pari malik wrote:

    that iz really amazing……… i like it……….

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  6. Karim wrote:

    These are some interesting facts. I especially liked the info about the one-eyed fish! I have never heard of that before.
    Denver Airport Transportation

  7. suckitbitch wrote:

    It would take between 255,5 and 340,6 years to make all the episodes of simpsons to this date

    • Ella wrote:

      They make them at the same time, moron.

      • Name *d'oh wrote:

        Then I guess that means it’s not really 6 to 8 months for EACH episode, but for each season or group of episodes or whatnot. (moron) ;)

        • Mongo Alert wrote:

          Actually, there is no reference to how long it takes to make a season, only that it takes 8 months to make 1 episode. It may take them 2 years total to complete a season with them all being made around the same time, but all this says is it takes 8 months to make an episode. You’ve moroned twice now, moron.

          • DANGER DANGER! Moron congregation in full swing. He means that it really doesn’t take that whole time to make 1 episode, and that if they didn’t make them at the same time and spent all their efforts on one at a time, the episode doesn’t take 8 months to make because it wouldn’t logistically work. Use your moron brain in future to try and see what people are getting at instead of nitpicking every single word literally which is what morons are best at.
            Source: I’m a moron.

        • Lisa wrote:

          No, it really is 6 to 8 months for each episode, it’s just that they work on 10 or more episodes at the same time….

  8. didyouknows wrote:

    these are funny as hell!

  9. That Guy wrote:

    The iPhone can’t survive a fall of 13,000 feet, someone made an iPhone case that could…

    just sayin

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  11. Hank Baxter wrote:

    Amazing which characteristics help animals survive

  12. Miguelito wrote:

    Travel outside the USA and you will learn that “America” is only a demonym for USA in the USA. Outside the USA, especially in other North or South American countries, people think this is short-sighted at best and arrogant at worst. There are many American countries, and calling ourselves Americans is often offensive to people of other cultures. In Brazil when I told people I am American, people would often say, “me too.” How do you argue with that? So I try to be more inclusive in my demonyms—for me it’s just part of trying to be a good American. :)

    • Judd wrote:

      and calling ourselves Americans is often offensive to people of other cultures.


      • Catering to those people offended by the things we say outside of “our” own country doesn’t sound American at all! What is the alternative term? USA-an? States-ican? Got it! USA-sian.

    • Mystikan wrote:

      In Australia, we mostly refer to those from the USA as “Yanks” or “Seppos”. “Yank” is of course short for “Yankee”, which more properly refers to someone from the Union, not the Confederate, states, although the word is now used universally regardless of whether you’re from Maine or Texas. “Seppo” is a shortened version of “Septic Tank”, which in turn is Cockney rhyming slang for “Yank”. However, some have used the term to mean “Separatist” (as in separatist from the British Empire), so is probably a more appropriate moniker to use from a USA citizen’s point of view than “Yank”!

    • jordan wrote:

      Wrong. In the Japanese language Amerikajin is the name for people from the US.

    • ld wrote:

      Your disgust is understandable. But for your own sake, and those “other N. and S. Americans, using your countries name separates you from the demeaning name from which one country is known.

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  14. i dont think i believe any of this. and im from america. shut up.

    • Mee wrote:

      You don’t believe any of this? So you can inhale through your nose and talk at the same time?

      • G wrote:

        What a joke! Technically, I can talk while inhaling through my nose. Also the iPhone fact is rediculous – i’ve seen them break after a 3ft fall & ’13K feet’ is a pointless reference once terminal velocity is invloved.

  15. Burton Sussex wrote:

    Did you know that MOST comments left on blogs like this one are utterly moronic and usually not factual and pulled out of someone’s arm-pit?

  16. Bets wrote:

    Oh my god! Whats this? Wierd creatures!

  17. Bingo wrote:

    These facts are cute and interesting, and they all have sources

  18. Wow, haha. Those are great! Did You Know? are fun, no matter what, but these ones … the see-through frog was amazing! I used to have some pet invisible shrimp … ghost shrimp, they were called. Cool.

  19. TUCKTIM wrote:

    Interesting but one thing is false. The I-Phone cannot survive a fall of THREE FEET. Dropped a brand new one a month ago and the back (which is made of glass) shattered into a million pieces. Took a $150 bucks to repair. Google “Shattered I-phone” and you will get 60,000 responses.

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  22. That frog is awesome.

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  24. [...] Did You Know Archive » 15 Fun Facts you probably didn’t know [...]

  25. Chris v w wrote:

    I like the Punk Turtle!! In fact- that’s my photo they used…

  26. Name * wrote:

    I call bullcrap on the iPhone one…my iTouch fell 4 stories at my school and broke.

    • 70lemons wrote:

      Well, it didn’t say it wouldn’t break, just that it would survive it. It’ll probably still work.

      • Tex wrote:

        You’re not serious, are you? If you write “survives” that means it’ll remain functional. Don’t lowball me dude.

        • Tyler wrote:

          they said it would survive the fall,…. electronic devices have accelerometers in them , these measure the maximum acceleration the device can withstand. so that means the iphone can withstand what ever acceleration it acheives in 13000 feet, which is most likely also its terminal velocity. …it never said anything about it surviving the crash,

          • Parker wrote:

            No y’all are all wrong, just Google it. There was a story about a skydiver that accidentally dropped his phone on a jump 13,000ft high. When he got to the ground he tried to call it for shits-and-giggles and it actually went through and they found it. Obviously it isn’t fully ‘iPhone’ capable anymore, but it’s most basic function, calling, was still functioning.

          • j wrote:

            Acceleration is not the same as velocity. You lose. iPhone loses. This set of graphics loses.

        • jefb wrote:

          i dont think they’ve invented the iTouch yet.. hmmm.. i mean, they have iPod touches and iPhones.. but not iTouches..

    • Kevin wrote:

      Just Because yours broke after falling 4 stories doesnt mean everyones will. It says it “can survive that great of a fall which means it was probobly a freak acciedent and it happens once in a million years

    • Name * wrote:

      My iPhone fell out of my jacket pocket. Screen shattered. Would no longer boot.

      That being said.. I am sure that there was an Iphone that made that drop.
      And did you know that a Human can survive a 10,160 metres (33,330 ft) fall without a parachute. It is true… it is in Guinness World Records…. but you do not want to try it.

    • No Way wrote:

      It will be fine dropping 13,000 feet – at soon as it lands it will be destroyed though

    • manda wrote:

      never said what it fell onto.. coulda hit a mattress or something

    • Michelle wrote:

      They said iPhone not iTouch…

    • Dank wrote:

      i to call bull crap on the i phone i broke mine from falling from waste level

    • Jonathan wrote:

      It means that there “has been” an Ipod that has survived the fall. It didn’t say all of them can. Easy mistake.

    • Maliie wrote:

      It said ” can survive” and not ” always survives”. It’s a possibility, not a capability.

  27. Tucker wrote:

    Of course you can’t talk while you inhale through your nose. You are exhaling while you talk. You can’t inhale while you exhale. Anyone who tried that should reconsider procreating.

  28. Chris wrote:

    that is a lot of stuff I didn’t know Thanks for sharing.

  29. Allan wrote:

    Hey can someone help me and give me the heart equation in the form of y=? Because my calculator takes it in that form and I don’t know how to convert the equation in that form. Thanks!

    • stephen wrote:

      just enter it how it shows, If you have a graphing calculator it will say Y= Then you put the X equation. it should work, I have a TI-84 and it works on there and on my casio.

  30. Raina wrote:

    who tried to talk while inhaling i did!

  31. Bingo! wrote:

    I always find the comments threads as interesting as the blog posts themselves!

  32. Denis wrote:

    i dont feel like looking at the sources but people is it really worth going and looking at the sources to call someone an idiot?

  33. Festivesmile6 wrote:

    Once again i am totally more entertained by the comments section than the original article.
    *WIN! LMAO

  34. totipota wrote:

    I know nada.. :/

  35. Rafferty wrote:

    It’s to bad that the people who know everything spend all their time blogging… :p

  36. Dan wrote:

    Yes. Yes I did know that.

  37. Mee wrote:

    In America, we’re taught that South America is just a fable. Is this true?

  38. Thanks for the interesting and entertaining information.
    Road racing cyclists (I’m not sure why “professional” was specified) often do urinate whilst riding. There are very few countries where public urination is legal and even fewer where it is socially acceptable. Just another reason why these road hogs deserve nobodies respect.
    That should stir up a hornet’s nest…

  39. Name * wrote:

    As for the fish thing, the fact is inaccurate in that it uses the term ‘copulate’, but read the fact source underneath and it’ll make sense

  40. Nick wrote:

    The first one is really the unveiling of the live action version of Pokemon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

  41. chris wrote:

    damn… I think my fish has been faking for me this whole time.

    • Edgarska wrote:

      The iphone one is false.
      The most they can take is 33 ft.

    • Anon Ymous wrote:

      Some of you guys are ridiculous, this is so not worth fighting over. :P

    • Stan wrote:

      I ran a test on how far the iphone has to be dropped off the ground, and it stopped functioning after about 21 feet. This info isn’t very accurate.

    • ByteRider wrote:

      I was going to give this site credit for originality until I saw :

      “Female fish fake orgasms to dupe males into
      thinking they have copulated. The female then
      swims off to find a better partner.”

      Fact is, guys, female fish lay eggs.. the males come along MUCH LATER to fertilize them– they don’t have a penis.

      So, I’ll chalk this site up to complete, worthless garbage. Where’s the thumbs down for Stumble….

      • Tally wrote:

        Actually, there are plenty of fish that practice internal fertilization. See cartilaginous fish.

      • MsBobbie wrote:

        Reproduction in cartilaginous fishes is complex, and starts with courtship and copulation. Google cartilaginous fish and you’ll come to several links which supports this fact.

      • luis wrote:

        not entirely true female guppies need to be internally inseminated as do mollies and many other types of fish … there are actually VERY FEW fish who really fertilize there eggs externally

    • Eric wrote:

      Dear god… this is SO MUCH BULLSHIT. female fish fake orgasm? you OBVIOUSLY don’t understand how fish reproduce…

    • celica95 wrote:

      How many people tried the nose breathing and talking thing after they read it?

    • Jason wrote:

      Really cool. Keep up the good work

    • IvanLur wrote:

      You can talk while inhaling through your nose, just inhale through your mouth at the same time.

    • matt wrote:

      There are obviously absolute bullshit statements here. It’s annoying some are true and cool, some suck why lie or elaborate when there are amazing things that are happening all over.

    • Jack Stamp wrote:

      These are really badly worded facts. The shark one makes it sound like that is an actual breed of shark (which some of you believe), when in fact, it’s just a mutation of a normal species of shark. The turtle doesn’t actually have hair like that, it’s algae. Not all female fish fake orgasms, there are only about 2 species which do. And the Inuit word isn’t a word they’d use, whoever made the fact has just taken advantage of the way the Inuit language works.

    • Qadir Kalhoro wrote:

      I found your this post on stumble upon.
      Thanks for Sharing

  42. Jake wrote:

    wow jc is the biggest debby downer ever

  43. Jake wrote:

    it takes 8 months for a simpsons episode but 6 days for a south park episode, yet one more reason why south park is better

  44. brandon wrote:

    8 months to make an episode of the simpsons are you retarded that would be over 200 years of making episodes

  45. ASZ001 wrote:

    Actually, America is TWO (2) continents, but most people think of the USA when they hear/see “America.”

  46. Don Fallick wrote:

    Actually, to be really picky, neither the United States of AMERICA, nor North AMERICA, nor South AMERICA,, nor Central AMERICA can claim to be “America”, as all have to have other words attached to specify which you mean. By itself, the word “America” is essentially meaningless, unless you are referring to the entire Western Hemisphere. But I cannot find any sources for that usage.

    • Luthien wrote:

      well actually… “America” is often used to refer to all of north, central and south America as a one and only continent. In Europe most people consider that there are only 5 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America (Antartica being the somewhat “unofficial” additional 6th one). Want proof of this? check out the Olympic flag :-)

  47. You learn something new everyday. Love all the fun fact. I now feel a lot wiser after reading them.

  48. Michelle wrote:

    Sorry to break it to you JC but almost everything that lays an egg have sex. I have tortoise that mate and they do have sex then she lays her eggs. True some fish don’t but a lot do.

    • Andrew wrote:

      Hate to break it to you, Michelle, but the public education system has failed you.
      JC is correct about fish and eggs. The female will lay the eggs and external fertilization takes place.
      Basing your ‘correction’ off of an entirely different family of animals (fish=/=reptiles) is just like saying “since birds live on land, humans can fly by flapping arms” It’s entirely false, but the logic is the same as the comparison you made.

    • fishdontfuk wrote:

      LMAO Next time you have a thought just let it go

  49. Bob wrote:

    It took about 1.5 seconds to see the point (1,1) satisfies the equation but is not on the graph, which pretty much discounted the rest of what is on the page immediately.

  50. Kelsey wrote:

    Why does everyone have to be so angry all the time? It’s really irritating when you see strangers arguing over some stupid picture. It’s supposed to be entertaining. If you don’t think it’s funny, great. If you don’t, that’s cool too. Why do you feel the need to insult people you don’t even know. Step away from the computer, and breathe.

  51. Jess wrote:

    Is it bad that i knew only one of them? lolz.. :P

  52. Claire wrote:

    I did not know many of those, very interesting!

  53. JC wrote:

    Okay, most of that I know is false. The one eye shark was proven not real. I typed the heart equation into my calculator and didn’t get a heart at all. Fish lay their eggs and THEN they are fertilized by any male fish nearby. They are almost incapable of being picky when choosing a mate. Dinosaurs laid eggs and most likely didn’t have sex (some reptiles do do internal fertilization so this might be true. but still, why put that in a museum. This next one pissed me off at how stupid sounding it is. It is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to talk while inhaling through your nose. In order to inhale through your nose your tongue has to block off your mouth making it impossible to talk. Everything else might be true, I know some are like Charles VI thinking he was glass and a whip breaking the sound barrier, but a lot of it is most likely a lie. Thanks but no thanks Stumble Upon. I am giving my first thumbs down ever. I have 2467 likes right now.

    • amy wrote:

      You know how fucking stupid you just proved yourself? That cyclops shark is for real, it’s a fetus. Hundreds of articles prove it’s correct. The heart equation has a source linked to it if you care to check it. I just checked and it’s legit. I mean all of these have fucking sources for a change and all appear true from them.. get over it dumb ass. I just can’t believe people do not even check sources linked and jump to moronic conclusions.

      • orca wrote:

        To the author: You claim you have sources for all of these, so what is your source on the fish? Most fish lay eggs and then the males spread sperm over them. I’m not an ichthyologist or anything, so I can only highly doubt this is true.

        To whomever failed basic biology: ALL vertabrates reproduce sexually, regardless of being viviparous, oviparous or oviviparous.

    • B. Nys wrote:

      That was kind of rude and unnecessary. These facts are cute and interesting, and they all have sources. Just saying.

    • michelle wrote:

      lmao!…u are so pissed about this its hilarious

    • Name * wrote:

      I’m guessing on your calculator (which, as far as I’ve seen, are set to “y=” equations) you entered it in wrong. If entered correctly, it does make a heart.

    • Jake wrote:

      youre the biggest debbie downer ever and you were wrong all of them have links and, especially for the dinosaur one i looked that one up and its completely legit, but if you would look shit up before presuming its wrong you would know that, but thank you for trying to sound smart because you just made every ones days for showing how stupid you really are, BITCH YOU JUST GOT TOLD

      • Andrew wrote:

        Jake, just because they possibly didn’t click the link doesn’t make their comment any less creditworthy.
        Many of the links have vague wording that is ‘interpreted’ by the pictures listed here. This interpretation is prone to idiocy that has plagued the internet. (take Facebook and the infamous links to TheOnion, for example)
        All of this communication we are doing is subject to interpretation, which, more than half the time ends up being exactly the opposite of what was originally meant.
        Flame away.

    • Ikari wrote:

      Cuz yur a caveman and ya know best right? Eggs wouldnt be penetrated by a T-Rex dick, just like Chickens and Pigeons and any other Poultry species who are said to be evolution of dinosaur, they Fuck. in which case, taken aqua science… SOME species of fish do have sex, and many do not, but the chemicals and faramones they leave out trick the males in thinking the female has given the male the Okay, to fertilize the eggs, in which cases, some females do not ever lay the eggs they just “cum” ^_^ wierd right?! saw it for myself in class, it was very gross and funny, i asked the teacher if it was alright to watch fish porn in class LMAO >///<

      • Uhhh cavemen definitely weren’t around to see dinosaurs. Only backwater creationist hicks think people and dinosaurs could have possiblely existed in the same time period.

  54. en komik site wrote:

    wow, that was amazing

  55. Mark wrote:

    Didn’t know that about professional cyclists. Always wondered, though. Trivia!