10 more interesting facts you probably didn’t know

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  1. Among the ranks of those sneaky unlicensed developers that created video game cartridges for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
    without Nintendo’s approval was Color Dreams, a company infamous for its
    sub-par titles and notorious for its eventual rebranding as
    Wisdom Tree in order to publish Christianity-themed
    titles in order to prevent any lawsuits, since they
    knew Nintendo of America would receive negative press if they sued a small-time Jesus-lovin’ gaming organization. The best
    video game of 2011 thus far is easily Dragon Age Origins 2(DAO2).
    Tab Histori atau Sejarah menunjukan hasil putaran sebelumnya

  2. WalW wrote:

    Well, THERE goes five minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Gotta lurv the interweb …

  3. Very interesting article! thanks!

  4. Did you know – the Kenyan woman who had repeated litters of multiple births gave birth to the children but couldn’t afford to feed them and they all died of starvation?

    Breed like rats – die like rats.

  5. anon wrote:

    double check your sources. wikipedia is not a source, it has sources, and none of those sources say anything about the need to have more than one person to cross your fingers

  6. zulu wrote:

    Interesting Facts, thanks for sharing, but I doubt if the 30 foot penis in China

  7. Andy wrote:

    I bet that fish-egg really ruined someone’s breakfast.

  8. K wrote:

    Did you know… … that Shakespeare’s existence is even disputed???

    • Roy Batty wrote:

      Did you know W. Shakespeare is thought to have had a hand in writing the book of psalms? When The Bible was translated in the reign of King James Shakespeare was 46 yrs. old. The 46th.word in the 46th. ch. from the top is shake the 46th. word from the bottom is spear, Or at least helped translate the King James version of The Bible.

  9. pradeep wrote:

    Duck eggs with live fish? …Interesting.

  10. Raven Mendoza wrote:

    Duck eggs with live fish? …Interesting.

  11. Duck egg wrote:

    Soooo……….a male fish had sex with a female duck.

  12. Amazing Facts wrote:

    Wow! such a nice collection of facts, I didn’t knew most of them..

  13. Shapewear wrote:

    That penis monument was just disturbing.

  14. Lform wrote:

    very and interesting

  15. ertwer wrote:

    Did you know: this list is bullshit.

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  17. DragonXero wrote:

    The facts about Pixar aren’t entirely truthful. Gross income for a product shouldn’t be considered as earnings, since the budget has to be taken out. When adjusted for the budget, many Pixar movies (according to the chart in the source) actually made back less than $150 million. Based on the averages, Pixar comes out with a return of around $115 million per movie. Certainly a good return, but it’s not $150 mil. In fact, if you’re only going by domestic numbers, Cars 2 *lost* $9 million, but made up for it in the worldwide market.

  18. Burton Sussex wrote:

    Did you know that most comments left on blogs like this one are usually utterly moronic, not factual, full of misspellings and pulled from someone’s arm-pit?

  19. Mr.Loto wrote:

    The duck egg with fish it seems very unlikely.


  20. magnum wrote:

    should erect a 30 ft penis like china might worship as a god two stones with one bird…ummmm duh

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  22. No I did not know, but now I do!

  23. Paul wrote:

    Did You Know if you read too many Did You Knows you turn into a frog!

  24. Bow Ties wrote:

    Another interesting fact? I don’t even wear bowties…sell em though! = P

  25. VicTheChic wrote:

    Perhaps it’s just me but……I am NOT feeling the”Love” (LOL) ……….Come on guys, you’re arguing & calling names over some facts trivia …….Really????

  26. That was a great troll haha.

  27. Good to know those things…

  28. Scudrunner wrote:

    Gee, just think, if you had 165 of those Empire State buildings in a pic you have our national debt!! :(

  29. starfish have no heart???? no way.

  30. Maron wrote:

    Did you know? In Finland you cross your fingers when you’re making a white lie.

  31. Matt wrote:

    There is only 7 facts here…

    • Derek wrote:

      well I count 11, the last one has two facts in it..

      • Andrew wrote:

        Actually Derek, you are a retard. In the last picture there is not two facts. Actually, there are three facts.

        The first fact is that a hummingbirds heart beats over 1000 times a minute.

        The second fact is that an elephants heart beats about 30 times a minute.

        The third fact is that starfish have no heart.

        One plus one plus one equals three. There are three facts; not two.

        • Laura wrote:

          Actually, Andrew, you are an insufferable and asinine prick who probably masturbates as often as you do because you know how useless you are whenever another person’s involved.
          And as long as I’m pointing out what I find laughably wrong with you, there should be another comma in your first sentence. Of course, you’re also the sort of angry little wrinkle who uses the word “retard” as an insult, so I don’t care to help you with grammar in the least. In fact, I’d prefer you fail miserably at every possible attempt you ever make in your whimpering and pathetic life, so I suggest you just continue your unnecessary little tantrums around everyone you see.
          And feel free to pepper your language with all sorts of derogatory name-calling so everyone else can serve as audience to your sniveling complaints. Thanks to you, we’ll know exactly what sort of person you are.

          • Craig wrote:

            Laura, your comment was a bit of an overreaction. It was also Hypocritical.

          • mark wrote:

            Laura, I don’t think It’s hypocritical at all. I’m sick of people going online and just being a dick. People who find a way to turn it around on you when you strike back are just as bad in my eyes. Pick a damn side people. Your either for or against internet trolling. If your neutral than just don’t post a freaking comment. Damn.

          • Craig wrote:

            merriam-webster online dictionary, 2nd Definition: ‘Hypocrite’. “A person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings”. What you think does not overrule this fact. Laura got angry at someone for insulting someone, and insulted them far worse than they had. If insulting people makes you angry, don’t insult people. I could have insulted Laura and called her a hypocrite, since that is the definition of the word, but I do not know Laura and that would not have been fair. That is how you pick a side mark.

      • megan wrote:

        i counted 15 :) the platypus ones i counted and the starfish one as 3

    • David wrote:

      Are you six years old? Count the facts, there are ten of them.

    • Everyone wants to call Henry a troll, yet they failed to realize the best troll was this one. You know you went back and counted, bitches!

    • Caren wrote:

      there is/there are…i see you find no difference…

  32. Name * wrote:

    you are disgusting “henry” i hope you one day get to grow.

  33. Henry wrote:

    and all those kids go to bed hungry since they cant provide enough food for the first 2 sets of twins. Filthy africans should be sterilized

    • Jeff wrote:

      You should be sterilized you ignorant fuck.

    • Kyle wrote:

      Go fuck yourself henry.

    • Chief Lewal wrote:

      Henry, you are an ignorant fuck. But you are also… correct.

    • BM wrote:

      Shouldnt have said that. Put yourself in a hole. But you are one of the most ignorant fucks around. Do some research. Learnin’ never hurt no one.

    • Tom wrote:

      What are you doing to provide more food or family planning resources for Kenya? For anywhere? I thought not. All mouth, no action. Count your blessings, damn few people around the world get to share them.

      • Will wrote:

        I think he’s suggesting they stop having so many kids. Then they can feed the ones they have. Think there’s a correlation between small families an higher survival rate?

        • Andrew wrote:

          You people all call Henry ignorant. but in reality he is right. Those kids are going to grow up malnourished, get a disease and die young. Yes Africa needs education; on how to use a condom. I once wrote a paper when i was in middle school about how its so fucking stupid that we send them minimal amounts of food, yet no condoms or education on the use of them. I thought nothing of it at the time, but it made the newspaper and the principal read it allowed to the school. Henry is right, you kids are just in denial about the reality of the world.

          • na wrote:

            Andrew, I don’t know if you will read this or not, but I understand why you wrote what you did. However, it’s so easy for people to assume they know all circumstances, and think they apply universally. Sure, here you might say that and maybe some of it would apply. Rape and abuse isn’t as widespread where you live as it is there.

            IF ONLY the problem were teaching a man how to use a condom…..

          • Andrew wrote:

            Condoms were only half of it “na”… Education reduces crime (rape).

      • drunoff wrote:

        Henry Tom is right..u send some rubbers to Africa right now! I’m sure Toms shipment is already in the mail as are mine.

    • anonymouse32 wrote:

      Successful troll is successful.

    • ehh wrote:

      brilliant henry

      • anon wrote:

        Andrew, religion reduces rape a whole lot more than education. In an area where they can get away with rape fairly easy and women walk around practically naked (or at least defenseless looking) chances are a good education isn’t going to stop them. Maybe they’ll know the sex/control isn’t worth getting an STD but that just makes them more creative (I’ve read about rapists targeting old women and such for example because they’re less likely to have STDs than women in their prime.) Religion (at it’s best, at least) teaches people to show compassion to one another and to avoid causing each other pain and grief. The threat of divine punishment and the promise of an unearthly reward is a much greater motivator than “Oh no, I might get more STDs and burden some people I don’t care about with kids I’ll never have to deal with.”

        tldnr; Education won’t help because they don’t give a damn about their victims and they’ll just find a way to get around any problem that education brings to light.

        • Detnemed wrote:

          You got to be kidding right? You think religion will stop a MAN from raping a woman? Have you ever read the bible? You are an idiot! Birth control and education would help the people in such a poor environment! Another thing that would be a great help in slowing down unwanted pregnancies would be giving this poor country’s people things to do. Art supplies, games, schools for the kids and parents. Books, paper, pens would be great cause having the supplies dosnt mean you have to read or write but it give them a chance to learn if they want to, or they can just scribble if they want to. They have nothing except time on there hands and what happens when our own kids get bored, they have sex! Give them things to do, not something unreliable like the fucking bible!!!!!

          • Windgat wrote:

            Detnemed, you truly are a low-intellectual, nonreligious idiot.
            If you give a non-educated being books to study, what will stop him from raping a woman???
            NOTHING! When the hormones comes into play he will do as he pleases.
            Why? Because he has no rules nor manners…
            If you give him The Bible he will learn what is right and wrong, he will learn respect and learn to love.
            In other words he will respect and love her enough not to rape her.
            No type of education can teach anyone how to love and respect.
            “IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT”

  34. DC wrote:

    There’s only 5 sets of twins there…

  35. Cheshire wrote:

    It’s gotta suck to play Monopoly against that Kenyan woman. She’s ALWAYS rolling doubles.