Eric Clapton’s son died by jumping out of a 53rd floor window.


Eric Clapton’s son Conor Clapton died when he was a mere 4 years of age after falling from the window of the 53rd floor from Del Santo’s New York city apartment.

The wall window was left open by the janitor to let in some fresh air while he worked. Conor, while playing hide and seek with his nanny came running away from her. He ran in to the room and jumped straight out of it. Clapton found out about the accident when he came to pick his son up to take him to the zoo.

This tragedy remains to be Clapton’s biggest till date as he was always an absentee father. Just when he decided to be a bigger part of his son’s life, his son passed away. This gave birth to the song by Clapton “Tears in Heaven”, that quoted a line from his life- “Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?”


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