Saddam Hussein was awarded the key to the city of Detroit in 1980

Saddam Hussein directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to a church in Detroit and ended up receiving a key to the city for more than two decades. This is after he became the president of Iraq. Saddam’s bond with Detroit started in 1979 with Reverend Yasso congratulating him on his presidency. The church received a sum of $250,000. Post this donation, Yasso referred to Saddam as a kind, generous and cooperative person. He later on reported that money and power changed the person.

Saddam’s relationship with the United States changed suddenly post the coalition from 1980-88 with Iraq. Yasso said he presented Saddam with the key to the city, courtesy of then-Mayor Coleman Young. It is then when Yasso got a surprise. Saddam donated another $200,000 when he found out there was a debt on their church.



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