Home Improvement – What Is It and Why Should You Do It?

Home improvement is any modification, addition or repair to a residence or its property that improves its function, appearance or both. It includes interior and exterior renovations. A well-planned and executed project can add to the value of a house, as well as make living more comfortable. The most common improvements include adding a room, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom and replacing windows and doors. Other projects can include paving, landscaping, fencing and building a deck.

According to the American Housing Survey, a national survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, most homeowners (95%) plan to do some kind of home improvement in the next two years. However, many of the planned upgrades don’t target potential home buyers.

For example, a majority of homeowners who have already started home improvement projects say they want to make their homes more comfortable rather than increase their home’s resale value. Other reasons for a home remodel include resolving health or safety issues that can’t be ignored, such as electrical problems or roof leaks.

A homeowner’s motivation to renovate can also influence their return on investment. Some projects, such as installing new windows or a heat pump, may decrease energy costs and therefore pay for themselves over time, while others, like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, tend to yield higher returns when it comes time to sell.

Some homeowners who are considering a home improvement project are trying to get their homes ready to sell. Some of these projects can have a positive impact on a home’s selling price, while others can be a waste of money that detracts from a house’s overall appeal.

In order to determine which improvements will provide the best return on investment, a potential home seller should research comparable homes in their neighborhood to see what kinds of projects have been successful there. A professional home appraiser can help a buyer determine what improvements will add the most value to a home and what might not be worth the expense.

Fewer than half of homeowners who have already completed a home improvement project said they were able to easily pay for the work without having to sacrifice other expenses or tap into their savings, according to a NerdWallet study. The study was based on surveys of homeowner’s who self-reported their spending on a variety of home improvement projects from 2019-2021.

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