How Relationships Affect Your Health Across Your Lifetime


Relationships are one of the most important things in life – they offer us social and emotional support, help us feel connected to others and enable us to share our feelings with those we love. It’s not surprising, then, that research has found that healthy relationships have significant benefits for mental health.

Here are some of the ways that relationships influence your health across your lifespan:

1. Long-Term Relationships

People who have a sense of belonging in their lives feel less stress and anxiety, even when they’re experiencing difficult events or life changes. This helps them to maintain their sense of self and resilience against life’s challenges.

2. Good Communication

Strong, healthy relationships involve effective communication between partners. It’s essential for setting boundaries, expressing feelings, solving problems and more.

3. Respect and Commitment

You need to respect your partner and treat them with care and consideration, even when they’re making mistakes or causing you grief. If you don’t, your relationship will likely fall apart.

4. Emotional Connection and Involvement

You want to maintain an emotionally meaningful connection with your partner, so you spend time with them regularly, communicate regularly and try to understand their feelings and needs.

5. You can’t keep a healthy relationship going without effort and hard work on both of your parts.

This is true of all kinds of relationships, but it’s especially important in long-term partnerships. You need to show your partner that you care about them and that they matter to you, regardless of how busy or tired you are.

6. Curiosity

You’re willing to learn about your partner’s interests and perspectives, and you’re open to changing your relationship structure if needed.

7. A Balance of Fun and Work

You value your own interests, but also enjoy the time you spend together. This is why you prioritize spending time with each other, even if it means carving out a little time for yourself to relax or pursue a hobby.

8. A Good Fit

You find your partner’s interests and lifestyle interesting and you’re happy to see them succeed at those things. You also value each other’s different backgrounds and experiences, and you have a good understanding of each other’s individual needs.

9. A Positive Approach to Life

Having a positive outlook on life is important in relationships. It can help to motivate you when you’re feeling down, encourage you to keep going when you’re facing a challenge, and reassure you that no matter what happens, you’re still in a good place with your partner.

10. A Strong Support System

If you’re not sure whether you’re doing the right thing in a relationship, look to your support system for guidance. Having a group of friends or family who’ll give you a pat on the back, a hug when you’re down, or an extra push to get through a difficult day will make it easier for you to stay focused on your goals and dreams.

Ultimately, relationships are about creating and building something that you both want to share with the world. If you can’t be sure that your relationship is the right fit, it’s best to take a break and seek another kind of connection.

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