The Role of Law in Modern Society


Law is a powerful tool that shapes society, politics, and economics. It also serves as a mediator between people. Constitutions, for example, can shape laws and rights. And in the end, law helps people to protect their rights and preserve their lives. This is why it is important to understand the various roles that law plays.

Rule of Law

Rule of law is a political philosophy that holds all citizens, institutions, and leaders accountable to the same laws. The rule of law is a crucial element to the health of a democracy.

Legal norms

A legal norm is a principle, rule, or law that governs a certain area of behavior. It is generally promulgated by organisations of sovereign power and is intended to regulate the social relationships and determine the rights of individuals within the governing jurisdiction.

Legal reasoning

Legal reasoning is an important part of the study of law. However, it is important to note that the nature and degree of its distinctiveness differ across societies. In theocracies, for example, legal reasoning is closely related to sacerdotal reasoning, in which the high priests consulted the breastplates of the prophets to obtain the law, and legal decisions were justified by divine revelation. However, legal reasoning may dissolve into politics and class struggle in political revolutions.

Legal pragmatism

Legal pragmatism questions the validity of legal concepts by questioning their application. While it is a highly useful tool to address practical problems, legal pragmatism is far from perfect. For instance, it doesn’t address the question of whether law has authority or autonomy.

Legal tradition

Legal tradition is an increasingly important concept in legal history and comparative law, a field that has seen a rise in interest in global perspectives in recent years. Law is a powerful tool in this process, enabling us to understand the underlying dialectics of globalisation and its re and de-traditionalisation. This article focuses on the characteristics of this concept and how it relates to classical legal scholarship.

Changing legal environment

Legal environment is a very important factor for setting up a business. It encompasses current and potential laws, government regulations, and the rules that govern how businesses operate. It is also a key factor in determining a company’s success.

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