There is a pillow that connects distant lovers through heart beats.

Pillow Talk is a project aiming to connect long distance lovers. Each person has a pillow for their bed and a ring sensor which they wear to sleep at night. The sensor wirelessly communicates with the other person’s pillow; when one person goes to bed, their lover’s pillow begins to glow softly to indicate their presence. Placing your head on the pillow allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one.

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  9. kneyhi wrote:

    Oh my goshthe biplane! LOVE the colors! My son’s soccer team is the Tigers. I have snack duty next week; I may be using your cookies as inspiration!

  10. Okazaki Akiyo wrote:

    While I really like this publish, I think there was an punctuational error near towards the end with the 3rd paragraph.

  11. Cumslinger wrote:

    If it helps any – I sleep with a lot of whores that have b/f and husbands that are away..

    Fuck this pillow y’all got me

  12. Claire Casey wrote:

    Why would you want to know when your ‘lover’ is going to sleep you could just simply tell them the next or next day but why would they be interested only if they are complete control freaks.

  13. Tonylein wrote:

    Ever thought about different time zones? Well due to the different time zones my boyfriend and i never sleep at the same time so it wouldn’t help at all

  14. Sean wrote:

    Where can I get a pair?

  15. Name * wrote:

    They would have to have the ring ON…so if they are cheating on you..either way they are a douche bag, and not smart enough to take the ring off. If they are masturbating, they would have to be doing it on top of the pillow lol. Its a great idea however, for those who are in the military and who have to leave their loved ones behind, or anyone going on overnight business trips, or those in long distant relationships! Give credit where credit is due and quit knocking down good people who are trying to make good products. There is enough to b*tch about in this country, save your insults and energy for those things and people that really deserve it.

  16. Laura wrote:

    This is also a great way to keep tabs on the BF if you suspect he’s a CREEPER!! EEK!

  17. David wrote:

    So you could like do yourselves at the same time – Fun sexy!

  18. Howardheatem wrote:

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  19. Ac wrote:

    Where can I get one

  20. [...] There is a pillow that connects distant lovers through heart beats. here. [...]

  21. Suie Lau wrote:

    Does it still work if the distance is super far,like half of the globe? If yes, that would be awesome and does help a lot. :) I want a pair!!!!!!!!!

  22. Chassy Rose wrote:

    Ok, seriously, i’m a little annoyed. People, is it so hard for you to BE NICE??? You all are acting like children-calling each other stupid and making bad sex jokes. Quite frankly, this is a wonderful idea. I once had a bf that lived across the country but in the same time zone and I can guess that he would have loved this as much as i would have when we were together-especially since we both have or own medical issues and we worried about each other all the tine. Being that he had heart issues, this would have brought me a lot of comfort.

  23. hakunamatata wrote:

    Looks like a way for one partner to spy and make sure the other isn’t going out all the time. I can see it now. “honey, it’s 3 a.m. and my pillow isn’t glowing yet!”

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  26. allez wrote:

    great ideea. where could I get one one these ?

  27. OskarFan wrote:

    this idea is from a book sort of! he came up with the idea of a little ring that glowed with your loves heartbeat and the idea of people swallowing tiny microphones that project the sound of your heartbeat to the world and wondered if they’re ever in sync and what it would sound like at the end of a marathon with everyone’s hearts beating really fast. its from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

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  29. Lisa wrote:

    Wonder how much$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…This is an incredible idea..!!!!

  30. [...] Source Did You Know Archive » There is a pillow that connects distant lovers through heart beats. [...]

  31. ballsack wrote:

    It would suck to hear your lovers heart beat stop. First thing that would come to my mind is that they’re dead.

  32. soasertsus wrote:

    This is adorable and heartwarming… I would never let it go.

  33. what a ride!! wrote:

    Thanks all you people. This was a great read. All those absolutely hilarious responses!!! Its good to know our world is populated with such diversity! I just love the comments section man. And yeah!! Thanks Geoff – give it to em maan. Adios.

  34. John wrote:

    Its cool and all but a little bit creepy….

  35. Colin LeBod wrote:

    Nobody made it clear where to put the ring on. I thought this was an intimate device, so, I put in on in an “intimate” place. My distant partner’s sleeping pulse aroused me, and following surger on my corpus colossum and corpus cavernosa due to a cyanotic reaction from penile anoxia I now have no penis, no partner and something the nurse calls Mr Foley. Thanks guys.

  36. great idea, although I don’t know that I would pay for such a thing…

  37. if it glows you’d have a harder time going to sleep. this is a fail.

  38. Liam wrote:

    That’s pretty creepy.

  39. Lex wrote:

    when can I buy two of these? <3

  40. cast1e wrote:

    Actually you can die from from radio ways. If you are around a piece of equipment putting out enough power the radio waves will start cooking you from the inside. However the devices the majority of us use on a day to day basis such as cell phones(which is what I’m assuming you are talking about) do not put out enough power to do the damage. Trust me, my job deals with radio frequency equipment.

  41. Iron Monger wrote:

    You know, you can’t actually die from radio waves, else we’d all be dead. There are all kinds of radio waves flowing through and around you right now, in fact.

    But in other news, I think this is totally adorable and sweet. A nice way to be closer to the one you love, even when you aren’t.

  42. seo essen wrote:

    And get a brain tumor from the radio waves…how romantic… :o(

  43. Amy wrote:

    When will these be available? I want to get one for my daughter and her fiance, that are going to school in different States.

  44. jessica wrote:

    My fiance is in the United States Navy and literally arrived in Japan for our first deployment 5hours ago. Obvisiously we can’t get this now cause he is gone…?? Or could we? And the time difference is 13 hours so if I sleep could I still feel his heartbeat even though he is just waking up??

  45. Ambre392 wrote:

    This is a brilliant idea, I’d very much like to listen my baby’s heart beat. It’d mean the world to me.

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  47. Josh wrote:

    what happens when you roll away from the pillow because it’s probably super uncomfortable?

  48. Stephanie wrote:

    Imagine your laying there on this pillow and your waiting for your girlfriend or boyfriend to lay down on theirs and hear their heart beat. all of a sudden you hear it,, but its going fast, and faster, and faster. then starts to slow down. My point being is that would be a terrible way to find out if they’re cheating on you. fantastic idea guys.

  49. I wouldn’t even dare to leave a mobile phone online in the room let alone sleeping next to a wifi pillow, that can’t be good. Another issue is how can we sleep with the monotonous heartbeat? It’s like having to sleep with an annoying tick-tock clock.

  50. Funky wrote:

    Know how I know you’re gay?

  51. hilly wrote:

    what about bad breath

  52. Joe wrote:

    And when your lover farts, the pillow vibrates.

  53. Cristina wrote:

    Now, that’s just freaky!

  54. Name * wrote:

    What if we are in a three way relationship. We all love each other equally, who gets to hear whos heartbeat? Someones always the third wheel. :(

  55. sin wrote:

    I work second shift but my live in boyfriend works third, would the ring give us one another’s heartbeat even if we weren’t on pillows at the same time?

  56. Hank wrote:

    Ha, yeah I have to agree with the ‘what if it stops’ comments. I can see the wife suddenly assuming I’m dead. One day it starts beating really fast then a sudden stop! “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH he was shot!”. Also if you are in a different country would the time zone not be an issue.

    click my name for a funny site

  57. Rob wrote:

    what happens if you hump it?

  58. james wrote:

    its probably not safe to keep your head next to wifi all night

  59. Mike wrote:

    Does anyone know where I could buy one of these? I have a girl in California and I’m in Washington, this would be perfect for our 3 year anniversary!:)

  60. Mrs wrote:

    Instead of the whole couple thing, I think they should incorporate the design into a type of children’s stuffed toy. Since this would be better for children who are away from a parent. I think very young children need some type of reassurance when they are struggling with sleeping in their own beds. It would be nice to tell my child- “Hey no worries, I’m with you, your safe, I’m safe. Every-time you give this Teddy a hug it is like your hugging me.” If my husband needs to go away for a week or something he could take the bracelet so that our children wont miss him as much when it comes time for bed. It would be a good concept for children with a parent in the army who worry about them at night. I don’t know- its a thought. I just think children would respond better to the idea.

  61. ThatGuy wrote:

    People who are making masturbation/sex jokes. You clearly forgot that you have to be wearing the special ring in order for the pillow to read your heart rate to begin with. Morons. Also, am i the only person who thinks this is actually a GOOD idea??

  62. jabba wrote:

    pretty damn gay! what about when im banging my secretary on a business trip and wife feeling my heartbeat going crazy

  63. Steph wrote:

    Would love this if it worked. Hubby is on a sub 6 months out of every year and it would help a lot those first weeks.

  64. roy wrote:

    what about if youre sleeping in another womans bed? your girlfriend will know something moody is happening if you never went home

  65. im in a long distence relationship with a wonderful guy and i would love to have these
    the time diff is about 6 hrs diff but hes sick so he rests alot so these would be perfect <3

  66. Geoff wrote:

    First of all this is a project with an aim, not necessarily an actual functional product. The process that makes sense to me would be that your pillow receives the heart rate signal from your ring when you are close to the pillow, transmits it to your wireless internet, the signal is sent over the internet to your partner’s connection, where their pillow receives the signal from their wireless, then glows and produces the sound of the your heart beat. The pillow wouldn’t be able to send or receive a signal from more then a few rooms away and the ring substantially less. The pillow would have a have a power source for the glowing and beating so a receiver and transmitter can be built into it. Their pillow would only glow and beat when you are within range of your pillow so your partner can tell when you are at your pillow. As for ‘real-time’ not happening, there would be a delay between transmission of heart rate from ring to pillow to internet to pillow. Nice idea, but making it functional is another story.

    • @-Geoff the delay would be micro seconds for info as simple as a basic led signal and heartbeat. no one but a complete nerd would notice. and yeah.. of course it would have a cord and receiver/sender, did you think it would run on magic? the writer probably didn’t mention it because its kind of a given. so in short, Geoff his back…..o_O

      • Geoff wrote:

        My comment was just for informative purposes, because I am sure there are some people that commented who were thinking it would run on magic. When someone questions “Wonder if it works that far?” or states “If they wear the ring all the time, then it still works.” It is obvious that they don’t understand how it would work, so now they may have a better idea.

  67. Red wrote:

    Can you say retarded???

  68. Piggie wrote:

    I kind of like this idea, even though I’m not in a long distance relationship. I only get to see my boyfriend once a week usually, and I love to listen to his heartbeat.

    However, it would also kinda be creepy. It would totally freak me out, actually.

  69. flutterbug wrote:

    Now if either of you have a fling they will know since your heart rate will spike right before you …. you know. You cant get away with anything now a days!!! J/K… :)

  70. Time Issues? wrote:

    If you’re in a real long distance relationship it’s probably daytime where she is when I’m sleeping, I don’t think she’ll have time to lay on a pillow at work…

    • Catherine wrote:

      Our long distance relationship is about 8 hours diff. So it may work for a hour or two but I don’t know if I want it because if a bomb goes off and he is on it that will so mass with me don’t you think…..I am truing thinking of getting it just to see how will it works…..

  71. now if i fart in the pillow, is it going to light up like a lantern because of the passionate ass-cheek vibrations?

  72. gene wrote:

    People need to learn to read – the ring does the heartbeat, the pillow is the RECEIVER. RECEIVER.

  73. lance wrote:

    It’s kinda creepy if you think about it.

  74. anon wrote:

    long distance usually means different time zones… so, they won’t be going to sleep at the same time?

  75. Tabby wrote:

    um… can i get the info on this so i can stalk on people…. i mean give to my boyfriend…?
    in on realness tho i want this

  76. Kristina wrote:

    hahaha all these comments are hilarious !

  77. Jimmy wrote:

    This post’s comments: People who aren’t in Long distance relationships.

  78. kreiyu wrote:


    Only if they’re wearing the sensor ring.

  79. Jake wrote:

    Lovers heart beat in another country suddenly becomes increasingly elevated as though he or she is exercising, followed by a sudden rhythmic climax and return to normal heart rates.


  80. Joshua wrote:

    Class level 5 stalker type of crap, definantly creepy.

  81. asdfasdf wrote:

    partner knows when your masturbating, most when using your pillow

  82. bro wrote:

    Stops working,
    Assume other person is dead.
    Good plan.

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