10 Fun, Weird and Interesting Facts

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  1. ButchToughman wrote:

    I love how a third of these were ripped out of Ripley’s believe it or not books

  2. Butthead wrote:

    Since when is Morphine used as a measure of toxicity?

  3. April wrote:

    For those of you who say the facts are made up – there is a Fact Source link underneath each article. Whether the fact is fiction or not remains to be seen, but at least they are citing their sources.

  4. Henry wrote:

    Did you know that there is an Indian woman in Sweden who, due to an allergy to mushrooms, now shits only cats.

  5. Caroline wrote:

    Thats not a shaved guinea pig… It is a skinny pig….It’s a different breed of guinea pig.

  6. Trollin' wrote:

    Did you know that 85% of statistics are made up?

    • swaggg wrote:

      actually, its 42%

      • crazysquid wrote:

        Actually the University of Statistical Statistics At Garfunkel Community Senior Citizens School Praising the Great Cliff Claven, Clearly states that it is 71% Fact, and 30% Matter Of Fact, + or – 1%. They got their Information from Some Guy, and the Renown research team of They Say. Not to mention the 3rd grade class of P.S. 24.

  7. hgfkhcvhvk wrote:

    The Snakehead fish will not rip your flesh off on land. It flops around like a magikarp from one pond to the next and is an invasive fish in florida. It spreads rapidly and was a huge scare for a while, but they’re harmless unless you picked one up and stuffed your wrist in its mouth.

  8. Kenny Brown wrote:

    Morphines not toxic it’s niiiiiiiiiice!

  9. nicole wrote:

    that guinea pig wasn’t shaved, it’s hairless.
    they are called skinny pigs.

  10. @fordman: Fritz the Cat? A Disney movie? HAHAHA! Who told you that?
    No, seriously, Fritz was an independent movie.

  11. FORDMAN wrote:

    inthe disney movie fritz the cat there was plenty of farting going on & the only disney movie that was rated x

  12. Katie wrote:

    There are hairless guinea pigs. No need to shave. Sorry Jesus.

  13. Paul wrote:

    The guinea pigs ears are located differently. The eyes are totally different. I do not see much likeness

  14. Chris wrote:

    It makes you think about how random it was that Abe was standing next to John. I’m sure there is alot more to that story than history lets on. ILLUMINATI

    • Brad wrote:

      The Booths were a very famous family at that time. In fact, John Wilkes Booths’s younger brother Edwin Booth was considered the best actor in american history. Some people speculate he still may be the best actor the US ever produced. Apparently he was quite amazing. So the Booths being wealthy and Edwin being very famous, the two families moved in the same social circles.

    • Bob wrote:

      Chris you should read Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. It has some very interesting facts about Lincoln’s assassination.

  15. reality wrote:

    i’m sorry, but how many of these did you fact check before you put them up?

  16. Sam wrote:

    The real question would be: Who the hell would shave their guinea pigs?