Hitler’s first love was a Jew

In his youth Hitler was a very different man than what we learn in our history books today, and his first love was indeed Jewish.

In his younger days Adolf Hitler found himself falling in love with a 16 year old Jewish girl by the name of Stefanie Isak. However, in his youth Hitler was not as bold as he is presented to us today. Being as apprehensive as he was Hitler never directly approached the woman. In the beginning of his obsession with this woman he would write her love notes which she did not respond to. He would often talk to his friends about how beautiful he found the young woman and how in love with her he was, but still never approaching her.

Hitler continued to become more and more obsessed with this young woman. When she wouldn’t respond to his letters of love he began to obsess more and write poems about her. Still never summoning up enough courage to talk to her Hitler began to suffer from depression from rejection by the young Jewish girl. He often thought about “throwing himself off a bridge in despair and killing her too.”

Hitler’s obsession with this woman continued for four long years, yet she still never paid him much attention. It is said that Hitler was a very dashing young man and most young women found him weirdly attractive. So if Hitler could have any woman of his choosing, why did he fall for a Jewish girl? Maybe Hitler’s soft side for this woman helped fuel his rage towards the Jewish community.

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  1. Olivia A wrote:

    That was quite shocking, but anyways that’s normal to a person really in love.

  2. Good to know that a leader of communist has a pretty woman.

  3. Olivia Wilde wrote:

    I am going crazy on this post.

  4. John wrote:

    To the author of this article.
    You are an incompetent. The single source you cite that still works clearly states in the 4th paragraph from the bottom that Stephanie Isak was NOT Jewish. Learn to read your sources beyond their attention grabbing headlines.

  5. mike ahuja wrote:

    one of the world most horrific love stories…its so romantic

  6. NIFSA wrote:

    Who cares if this is so? i dont think this is true but anyway.

  7. skepticrina wrote:

    HITLER WAS A JEW!! wake up sleeping people.
    The Jews waged war on Germany. Stalin was a Jew. Hitler, Jew. Churchhill, Jew. Roosevelt, was in indeed a JEW!! These were all the leaders at the time. Our education (indoctrination) system has lied to us and continues to do so.

  8. souperpooper wrote:

    anon is right, the holocaust never happened and neither did 9/11!!!

    • SK wrote:

      Just how stupid are you?

    • Dude, you’re a fucking dumb ass. Of course 9/11 and the Holocaust happened! Because, ya know, three planes never crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon that just so happened to be on September 11th, 2001. Or that Adolf Hitler never existed and massacred millions of Jewish lives. There is a reason why concentration camps are a tourist attraction in Germany and that the Holocaust Museum is on display in Washington, DC. They aren’t just there for show, they’re there to remind people that this horrible stuff actually happened and that we should try our best to avoid incidents like this from ever happening again. So for you to be stupid enough to post, “NAH, IT NEVER HAPPENED” pretty much shows that you’re an idiot and never really paid much attention in history. Have you been living under a fucking rock? Or are you just so doped up on drugs that you can’t accept reality for what it is? This is a simple yet powerful quote, “THOSE WHO FAIL TO LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.” Put that into your head. Moron.

  9. reverv wrote:

    See what happens when a bitch plays hard to get.

    • no means no wrote:

      you’re out of your freakin mind if you think some girls are just playing hard to get. if they’re not interested, they’re not interested. some guys are just not that great.

      • souperpooper wrote:

        @no means no: ur misentrpreting this, revery is talking about bin laden, this discussion is about 9/11 and the taking away of our civil rights, and the black clouds of secrecy the surround the hoaxes that the powers have made to take away our civil rights, we are not talking about girls not liking guys..get with the program.

        • Mylie Nish wrote:

          YOU get with the program. So you’re saying women are slower than men? Ha, yeah right. Everything a dude does, a girl can do SOOO much better. Since you don’t seem to get it, i’ll explain it for you.
          “no means no” was responding to “reverv” about how a bitch plays hard to get. And then YOU come in about how you were talking about Stalin and whatnot. And how “we” weren’t talking about women playing hard to get. Well, you’re wrong. The were talking about women playing hard to get. So there.


  10. anon wrote:

    Maybe Hitler himself never genuinely hated the Jews, but simply saw them as a convenient scapegoat through which he could channel his starving nation’s collective fear and thus create a common enemy for Germany which would allow him a platform to seize power, civil rights, and clamp down on free communications. Sound familiar? It should.

    • anon2 wrote:

      No, I think it shouldn’t sound familiar. Nothing comparable to the Holocaust has happened ever since.
      It diminishes the atrocities of the Nazis to compare what they’ve done with anything else.
      And no, I don’t think that Hitler didn’t genuinely hate the Jews. Had it been the case he would not be so scrupulous about killing them all. Showing his people that something is done at all would be enough.
      Why spend so many resources on it – building death camps, sending trains, etc. if you don’t really care about it? Since when do the politicians thoroughly perform their obligations before the people, unless they truly believe in what they promise?

      • Bryan wrote:

        It is a tragedy, if the methods used by the nationalist socialists (NAZI’s) are not familiar today. Even your constitution authors espoused: “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’. The Holocaust is viewed in retrospect today. Germans only suspected they were conned by their government in 1944. The proof came in 1945. 12 YEARS after they were democratically voted in. Prior to this, Nazism was the flavour of the month! It was the 3rd REICH, and the GESTAPO etc were highly revered. In modern vernacular they were HEROES. How many heroes in your society today? How many wear a uniform? How many make you feel good and nationalist about yourself, until you get on their wrong side, by not complying with their rules? If you cannot see them as people, and be vigilant, then modern fascism is inevitable. I wonder what retrospect will say about us?